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Advent 2018
Through the Eyes of Mary!
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What an exciting time for the followers of Jesus Christ to come together to celebrate the birth and the life of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Son of God who walked this earth and sacrificed his life for our sins.

This year, we’ll be considering Advent “Through the Eyes of Mary,” as recorded in Luke 1 and 2. Mary, the mother of Jesus, grew up in the small agricultural community of Nazareth. This was a very small village in northern Israel (Galilee region) where farming and shepherding formed the basis of their livelihood.

Mary’s upbringing would have been in a humble, hardworking and God-fearing culture. We find her as a young Jewish girl in her teenage years. She was engaged to be married to Joseph, a carpenter who likely would have been older and established.

Mary has an amazing encounter with Gabriel, an angel of God and receives a message from him that the people of Israel had been waiting for generations to hear. Mary is told she will be the mother of the coming Messiah!. It would have been a lot for this young Hebrew girl to take in!

Mary’s humble response to Gabriel revealed her obedient heart and full trust in God’s purposes for her.  Mary is an example of what our faith should look like – one of full commitment to the Lord in all His purposes. “I am the Lord’s servant” – may each of us have humble hearts and obedient lives as Mary demonstrated in her life. 

Join us as we see what those days were like that first Christmas as seen through the eyes of an innocent, young woman who shows us what being a faithful follower of the Living God means!