Child Fireman
Kids have always been a high priority at Grandview. During most Sunday services, we’ll invite all children up front for a mid-service message meant just for them. For very young ones we have a nursery (ages 3 years and younger), that dismisses in the middle of the Worship hour. We value greatly keeping families together as much as possible, yet also desire to have options for youngsters that have energy to spare. After services and following our Fellowship time (where kids can have a snack), we have Sunday School classes available for all school age kids.

Our heart is not to just babysit your children, but to provide meaningful steps to God during their time with us, through playtime, instructional time and even times of rest, we look to provide opportunities that minister to your children.

We are aware of the need for a well-functioning Children’s program, to have safety and security steps in place and in that area especially maintain regular and updated records of all our staff. In addition, most often you will find a nurse close by during regular service hours.  

Please contact Pastor Richard or Julie Joachim for more details concerning questions you might have, or just come and visit and we’ll look to take care of whatever needs you have.