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Women of the Bible

Summer of 2017

Some of the greatest influencers in our lives have been WOMEN. From the time, we’re born we’re nurtured and cared for by our parents and especially early on by our mothers. Fathers have always been protectors and have made their own impact, but most often the early nurturers and developers of our identity and our personhood have been impacted by our mothers. My wife has shown me love, grace and encouragement throughout my adult years. I’m forever grateful for the roles women have been for me.

In our summer sermon series of 2017, we’ll look at those in the Bible, NOT just anybody, but women who made a difference as recorded in scripture. We’re going to tell their story as much as we know and focus our attention on what made them notable. These women have certain attributes and lived lives that can be examples for ALL of us.

From the deep roots of the Old Testament to the vibrant development of the new church in the New Testament, women have been a vital part of God’s eternal plan. Join us as we explore just some of God’s precious and impacting chosen examples