On Mission small
Summer 2018
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Over the next 10 weeks we’ll be in pursuit of a number of topics as we consider our response to God’s directive in Matthew 28:19  to – “Go and Make Disciples.” We’ll consider our own church setting here at Grandview in middle America and the context each of us has where we live along with God’s Big Picture Globally. 

We’ll look at how we can B.L.E.S.S. those around us and use our own individual passions, abilities and gifts God’s given us to serve His purposes and His plans. We’ll explore examples and reactions of what others have done before us, both their successes and challenges.

What does it mean to be ON MISSION as a Christian? It means to be a missionary for Jesus Christ, not just internationally or overseas, but in our own back yards and neighborhood. It means to accept God’s Mission as our own as we pursue reaching out to others with the grace and truth of Jesus Christ.

We’ll explore our values in the Evangelical Covenant Church as our history is full of the phrase “Mission friends.” Being mission minded is a value we celebrate to this day. Over this series we’ll have guest speakers share their perspectives and experiences on these very important and impacting subjects.

Please join us as we invest our hearts and time to understand God’s heart for the lost and look to honor Christ’s last words to his disciples in Matthew 28 as he departed to heaven. It’s important as a church, and as followers of Jesus Christ, that we stay focused and, “ON MISSION!”