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The Mission of Grandview Covenant Church –

Worship GodKnow God by Gathering weekly for: Praise, Prayer & Proclamation

Grow in ChristTogether Knowing God’s Word of Grace & Truth, reflected in our TIME, TALENT, & TREASURE

Live by the SpiritIn God Centered Community: Loving, Caring & Sharing Jesus Christ with others.

You’ll notice that the TRINITY is central to our focus. The very essences of God IS at the core of WHAT we’re doing and WHERE we’re going!

Our Vision - We will be a church:

“To Worship God, inviting others to know Him deeply as we grow transforming lives and communities”

A place to Worship our Lord, a place to involve others, and a place of Transformed lives and Communities!

Details of Our Mission -

WORSHIP God – Gathering on Sunday to KNOW GOD, know who he is, WHY we look to fear, honor, and praise Him. He is the God of all, the Creator of all things. Literally, he is the God of the universe and in Him there is no equal. The fact that He wants us to talk to him, pray to him daily, is almost hard to imagine.  Even though we are all sinners, God is the Great “Initiator of our Reconciliation.” From Eternity past - He planned for His Son to save us. To reconcile us to Himself, through the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the cross. 

GROW in Christ – Together, studying God’s Word. Discovering His Grace and His truth. Reflecting that understanding in how with spend our time and our days. The Bible says, “Let your roots GROW DEEP into the soil of His love”.  Our relationship with Christ should be a growing one – NOT stagnant and especially NOT boring.  We need food and water to grow physically and we need His Word and His Spirit to grow spiritually. 
  • Growing in Christ is also being mindful of how God created each of us, uniquely and for His purposes. Recognizing God has given us natural abilities and gifted us to be equipped to complete HIS work.
  • Growing in our understanding of how everything we have, is HIS, and what that means to each of us as we align our hearts and priorities, as his stewards to invest in His kingdom.
LIVE by the Spirit – Together, in a God centered Community, learning what it means to love one another, to be part of a God honoring, Spirit empowered community. Being filled with His grace, as a reflection of Christ himself, in our interactions with those around us. To take God’s love to action and care for others, including those who aren’t be able to care for themselves such as in retirement homes, the unborn, the less fortunate. The world is filled with endless needs and together, in community, we can address issues we’re NOT able to accomplish alone. Finally, to love and serve others in the Spirit is truly shown by how we pursue the great commission from Matthew 28. To go out, into all the world and share the good news of Jesus Christ and his salvation!

Details of OUR VISION

“To Worship God, inviting others to know Him deeply as we grow transforming lives and communities”

We will be a church that Worships God, is Growing in our Obedience to His Word, and our Relationship with Him.

  • A place where God’s HOLY SPIRIT encourages, guides, and strengthens each of us.
  • A place where true BIBLICAL COMMUNITY is found in: church services, study, task or activity groups - with their focus on God.
  • A place where we experience the TRANSFORMING POWER of the Holy Spirit in our lives.
  • A place where the NATURAL BY-PRODUCT of God’s work in our hearts and lives - is to TELL OTHERS about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.