through the eyes of Joseph lg
Advent is a special time of year and it’s always great to consider the reason for our grand celebrations. This year, we’ll turn our focus to see things "THROUGH THE EYES OF JOSEPH," the earthly father of Jesus.   We want to see the coming of the Messiah from the perspective of the man God selected to raise, nurture and protect His only begotten Son while he was on earth.

Joseph was remarkable in a noticeably, humble and God-fearing way. Not only was Joseph a faithful man of God, but other elements, when all brought together, show God’s marvelous sovereignty in choosing Joseph for a critical and vital moment in His eternal plan.Consider these points -

Joseph was:
  • From Nazareth, a very small unimportant village in Northern Israel in the area called Galilee
  • A direct descendant from Abraham and King David (as was his wife Mary)
  • A hard-working, blue-collar, tradesman, traditionally a Carpenter, but easily a Stonemason or Iron worker
  • The non-biological, stepfather, foster parent, legal guardian, who with Mary, raised Jesus
  • A worshipper of God, and faithful to the Law of Moses and the Scriptures
  • A loyal and active attender of the local synagogue and member of the community
  • Older, likely in his thirties, as Mary was likely a teenager
Over the next few weeks, we’ll consider Joseph as a Man, Joseph as a Husband, Joseph as a Father, and lastly, on Christmas Eve morning, Joseph as a Protector of his family. Join us if you can, to be part of our December Advent services, as we look to seek, learn and understand even more of God’s gracious redemption plan for all of Mankind!